A Healthy Home is Truly a Happy Home!

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Enjoying a home that you KNOW is healthy really brings a deep sense of peace and comfort – and happiness.  A ‘healthy home’ is one that is free of toxic chemicals, chemicals that can easily and quickly enter your bloodstream and that of your children.  The materials used to build a conventional home, for example glues used in particle board or chemicals in paint, off-gas and add a variety of toxins to the air in the home.

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Here at Pringle Creek Community, we believe that a healthy home is a key part of a healthy life.  Attention is given to the quality of materials used to build and finish our homes.  We use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints to reduce or eliminate any off-gassing of chemicals that occurs with conventional paint.  Our building materials have little to no toxins in them.  The quality of the materials chosen to build our homes is of a very high standard.  Our residents live knowing that their homes are healthy both inside and out.

Personal care products, skin care, household cleaning, cosmetics, and other areas of daily life contain unregulated chemicals, some of which can bring harm (more information can be found here).  Many chemicals used in the United States are banned overseas.  This may surprise you – and it is a situation that needs to change.  Organizations such as the Oregon Environmental Council are working hard to inform us and change policies that protect industry versus the health of Oregonians.

September 15, at 6:00, the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) is coming to Painters Hall, sponsored by the Sustainable Living Center at Pringle Creek Community. Jennifer from the OEC will share their latest legislative successes and present information about how we can all improve the quality of our home environments by removing products that contain harmful chemicals.

Interested participants are welcome to tour our latest build (pictured below) to see and experience a real-life example of a healthy home after the event.

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Come to Painters Hall, 3911 Village Center Dr SE, September 15 at 6:00 and learn how you can increase your health and that of your family members.

Register your interest at the Oregon Environmental Council’s website.  We look forward to sharing the exciting news about Oregon’s movement forward in protecting us from toxics, and also to learning more about how to ensure that our homes are healthy and happy!