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Pringle Creek Critters

Remember, as a child, how you would go out in the yard and see what mischief you could get into? Sometimes you'd lay in the grass with the sunshine warming your face, and then you'd begin to notice a small lady bug making it's trek up a blade of grass. Your eyes would move onto background, and you might spot a slow and determined turtle making it's way across bumpy terrain. Then, you'd hear a rustling in the trees, and look up to see a slightly spastic squirrel jumping from one branch to the next. If you had a ... Read more

Meet Iyad and Carol

Meet Iyad and Carol. Hailing from the Midwest, they were looking to live somewhere with better weather that was closer to the ocean. A place where they could take off to do more outdoor recreational activities, take in a show at the theater, taste some fine wine, and even participate in some environmental stewardship. They were wanting a home that looked out into the trees, like their home in Ohio did, and to live where there is more open space. With over 12 acres of shared green space, there's room to stretch out and take a walk about the ... Read more

January Jaunts

At Pringle Creek Community, we cherish all the wonderful things to do right in the heart of the Willamette Valley. During the winter, people may partake in visiting a winery or two, taking in some art, go to the theater, follow up on a New Year's resolution to be more fit and find a running buddy, and visit a wildlife refuge to see what life is scurrying about, even on the snowy days. We are an urban oasis, that's just minutes away from downtown and a jaunt to the coast, temperate rainforests, and to get to a snow-covered mountain ... Read more

Urban Farmer Class Announced at Holding Court

At Pringle Creek Community, we value sustainable practices that can last a life-time. Our Urban Farm goes beyond the greenhouses and branches out into the orchards and berry patches that extend across the creek.  The Sustainable Living Center and Pringle Creek Community joined up to talk about the Urban Farmer Class at Holding Court.  Please click here if you're interested in taking this fun and educational class! Folk dancing is in the spotlight at Holding Court  Brooke Jackson-Glidden, Statesman Journal | 9:54 a.m. PST December 29, 2016 | View original source here. With Carol McAlice Currie out on assignment, news columnist Capi Lynn joined ... Read more


At Pringle Creek Community we believe in sharing innovative ideas. TEDxSalem is happening this weekend with a line-up of speakers who will talk about re-imagining how products can be made to better serve people, re-thinking what foods we choose to eat, and much more. Our community is focused on  healthy living through building homes that are made of healthier materials as well as renewable energy systems that will better serve residents in the long-run. Our urban farm also serves as a healthy alternative to choosing foods which are organic, local, and strengthen community. We are excited to have such ... Read more
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