Living Room Realty

Living Room Realty is a company founded upon a belief in sustainable community development and is committed to living and doing business with meaning. They are one of the only real estate companies with B Corporation status in the country. They understand the importance of a vibrant, local economy and believe in supporting local businesses. Their values:diversity, connection, integrity, excellence, joy, balance, and abundance, reflect and echo ours. Many of their brokers are Energy Trust Allies and Earth Advantage brokers with a deep interest in and passion for healthy, durable, energy efficient homes. Their expertise in marketing and selling energy efficient, ‘green’ homes to people who place a high priority on environmental sustainability and a high quality of life will certainly benefit us as we work to complete our community.

We’re very excited to work with Living Room Realty to bring sustainability-minded people to live with us in the beautiful natural setting of Pringle Creek Community.

Find out more about Living Room Realty by visiting their website,

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