Need a builder to get the process started? Approved for their quality home building and sustainable building practices, a Pringle Creek Community builder can make your dream a reality.


After graduating from University of Oregon School of Architecture, Phil Klaus worked in architectural offices for 12 years until leaving to begin his career as a contractor. Spectra Construction has now been designing and building challenging projects of distinctive and unique designs for over 30 years. Spectra has focused almost exclusively on creating homes that are energy efficient and sustainable. During the design and build process, considerable attention is devoted to the many factors that lead to an exciting, artful and healthy lifestyle.


Winsome Construction Team

Winsome Construction Team

Winsome Construction is a third generation builder advancing the field of green building with high performance structures and sustainable construction practices. Winsome builds LEED and energy-efficient homes that are exquisitely crafted and support a healthy lifestyle, and provides commercial and remodel services as well throughout Salem, Portland, and McMinnville areas.

An Energy Star and Earth Advantage certified builder, Winsome has completed projects using Ferrocement, steel framing, Cobb, ICF construction, and advanced wood framing techniques. They have experience with the construction of bioswales, rainwater catchment, gray water reclamation, and irrigation systems. Winsome focuses on the efficient use of natural resources in projects with the use of FSC Certified, Reclaimed and Recycled materials, job site waste recycling, home deconstruction & reclamation of materials when appropriate, and built-in home recycling systems. Structures are tight and efficient utilizing high quality materials and superior construction methods to ensure that they will serve their inhabitants well for generations. They emphasize energy conservation & efficiency both in the construction and the continued functioning of the structure over its lifetime. Standard techniques and technologies include spray foam insulation, super insulated floors & ceilings, low E glazed windows, energy star appliances & fixtures, Compaq fluorescent and LED lights, radiant floor heating, heat pumps, zone heating, solar water panels & more.