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Solar Panels Make the Net Zero Home Complete

Our latest build, the Net Zero house in John Muir Circle, is now truly a Net Zero home!  SolarCity technicians installed 24 solar panels that will create an estimated 6,165 kwH of power annually.  This is enough energy to offset 234,643 pounds of CO2 over 20 years, equivalent to driving a car 254,010 miles or saving 47,046 gallons of water that would be used to generate electricity. To live in this home is certainly to live lightly!  Each time you turn on the lights, the television, or use the refrigerator, you'll have the sun an your solar panels to thank, ... Read more

National Investment in Solar and Renewables is Soaring

Renewable energy as a percentage of the total power generated in the United States is soaring. Solar, geothermal, and wind are gaining ground as coal and gas are declining in the United States’ collective energy portfolio. Utility-scale solar power generation increased 100% in 2014 nationally. By 2030, it is anticipated that the US will generate 10 – 20% of its power through solar. At Pringle Creek Community, we strive to be ahead of the curve. Our community can meet nearly all of its energy needs through solar and geothermal energy. Our ‘net zero’ community center, Painters Hall, actually creates more ... Read more

Solar Power Generation at Painters Hall

At Pringle Creek Community, we benefit immensely from harnessing the sun's power.  Our community center, Painters Hall, has a 220 Kwh (kilo watt hour) solar array on the roof.  It is the source of power for the community center - AND our geothermal system pump as well as our street lights.  Pretty impressive, right? See our PV dashboard to witness our solar power generation in real-time. As you could see by looking at the PV dashboard, the sun provides us a LOT of energy, saving us an incredible amount of money.  We are actually credited most months due to a generation ... Read more

What is ‘Green’ Building?

Construction of any building has an impact - on the physical location where it is built, on the surroundings, and on the pocketbook of those involved in the building's creation.  A 'new' way of building has emerged since the 1990's that is now sweeping the nation.  Green Building is here - and it is everywhere at Pringle Creek Community. 'Green' building is creating a building with the environment, energy use, and society in mind.  Instead of simply creating a structure to keep the elements out (for the most part) and to last for at least one or two generations, a ... Read more

Open House Sunday – and Pie Party at Painters Hall!

This Sunday afternoon, July 19th, from 1:00 - 4:00, there's a LOT going on at Pringle Creek Community! The Net Zero house will be open for you to see and consider.  Check out the features of this 'smart,' energy efficient, LEED platinum, house.  It is a gorgeous, innovative, open, and very comfortable home.           Sunday is also the day of our Pie Party and Food Swap!  We've teamed up with the Cherry City Food Swappers for a day of celebrating and sharing local, homemade, delicious food.  Bring a homemade pie or items to swap and join in on the fun! Read more
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