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How are Ladybugs Related to Aphids?

Ladybugs eat Aphids!!                   Not only are ladybugs a great way to organically deal with aphids in your garden , when you get a bag full of them, it is really exciting! Aphids are a problem for most gardeners at some point.  Rather than apply pesticide (something we NEVER do!), or use a soap solution (another organic method) Colleen, our gardener extra-ordinaire, ordered 1/2 gallon of ladybugs from Northwest Beneficials, a company in Bend, Oregon.  Ladybugs are very beneficial not just for aphid control but for many other insects including scale, mites, and whiteflies to name a few.  Insects as pest control are ... Read more

We’ve Joined Renew Oregon!

We recently joined the Renew Oregon coalition!   Renew Oregon is a new coalition with a mission to create "A clean energy future for Oregon: An Oregon with good-paying jobs, clean air and water and healthy communities. A prosperous Oregon protected for future generations. We (Renew Oregon) are working to transition away from dirty, polluting energy to a clean, energy-efficient economy." Pringle Creek Community is happy to participate with other businesses, organizations, faith and educational groups, healthcare professionals, farmers, parents, entrepreneurs, and individuals to create a healthy, prosperous Oregon. After all, Pringle Creek Community set the standard for how to live and thrive using clean solar and ... Read more

TEDxSalem Fearless!

You've likely heard about TED Talks.  TED (technology, entertainment, design), is a nonprofit organization ‘devoted to ideas worth spreading.’  TEDx grew out of the original TED Talks and is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  TEDxSalem is in its third year and has truly blossomed! The speakers that are featured, all from Salem or the Willamette Valley, bring fascinating, thought-provoking ideas to the TEDxSalem stage.  Their next TEDxSalem event, Fearless, is October 3 at the Salem Convention Center in beautiful downtown Salem. Why is Pringle Creek Community (PCC) taking the ... Read more

Honey Extraction – A Beekeeper’s Joy

Honey extraction happened today.  It really is a simple, but fascinating, process to witness.  Our bees were very busy this season! Bill Wylie, Colleen's beekeeping mentor from the Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association, provided the use of his equipment and helped in the honey extraction.  Thanks, Bill!  Colleen, our Urban Farmer, all around gardener and beekeeper, used a heated knife to cut the cap off of the combs prior to putting the frames in the extractor. Once Colleen cut the caps off of the comb, Bill placed them into the spinner to extract the honey.  Below is a short video. ... Read more

Fall Honey Harvest – Beekeeping at PCC

Harvest time in the fall, if you happen to keep bees, is the time to check on your bees’ progress and collect some honey. Yum! This is our second full season of beekeeping. Colleen, our Urban Farmer, beekeeper, and all-around gardener extraordinaire, is preparing to collect some honey later this week. Her first step, with mentor Bill Wylie, through the Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association, is to check the overall health of the hive and assess their condition for over-wintering.                               As you can see in these pictures, our bees are doing well and seem well prepared for the coming winter. Bill and Colleen first had ... Read more
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