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Snow at Pringle Creek: March 2014

Several days of snow kept all of Salem tucked into home-bound mode for a quiet weekend. We had 12 to 14 inches of snow at Pringle Creek Community. It was cold but made for a beautiful and serene day. Our Events Coordinator, Kerry, stands on the porch of Painters Hall in her cross country gear. Kerry and her husband David ski-commuted home Friday evening. Snow continued to fall, transforming Pringle Creek into something more reminiscent of Fargo … or Sochi. Read more

Fresh Greens

Colleen is proudly showing off her first harvest! Bright radishes and a pound each of mixed greens and spinach. This is no baby spinach either, but large crisp leaves which Chef Dave immediately used to line his signature beef sandwiches. Garden-to-Table in 15 minutes! Read more

Our Longest Living Resident

Meet the oldest member of our community. This Pacific Yew (taxus brevifolia) is judged to be over 1000 years old! Yews have very dense growth rings and one with this wide of a trunk is exceedingly rare. Yews were the preferred species for making longbows and were nearly wiped out in Europe. In the Pacific Northwest, the yew was considered less valuable until its bark became the source of the anticancer drug Taxol (now made synthetically). Read more
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