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Happy Holidays from Pringle Creek Community!

Happy Holidays to everyone from all of us at Pringle Creek Community!  We're grateful for our wonderful residents, close community partners old and new, and amazing staff.  As we're all off celebrating the Holidays in our own, diverse ways, we will also reflect upon the many wonderful opportunities we've been afforded and enjoy.  Enjoy time with your families and friends.  All the Best to you and yours!     Read more

Urban Farming For the Holidays – Give the Gift of Gardening!

Are you still looking for that perfect gift?  For that person on your list who loves to garden, buy the gift of gardening!  The Sustainable Learning Center's popular Urban Farming class is now open for enrollment.  Classes will begin in February.  Students of the class have a great time getting their hands dirty while learning all about every aspect of organic gardening from soil preparation to seed selection and propagation to good insects and bad insect pests to harvesting and canning.                   This is a fun, hands-on learning opportunity where you'll learn alongside a variety of gardening experts.  You'll gain everything you need to ... Read more

Pringle Creek Community Welcomes Pet Owners & Dog Walkers

Pet ownership is a joy and part of life that we embrace at Pringle Creek Community.  Many of our residents have a dog or a cat (or three) that live peacefully at home and meet occasionally outside. People from the surrounding area also visit the property to walk for exercise and sometimes they bring their dog - always using a leash.           Alongside dogs and walkers, we enjoy the wildlife, such as wild turkeys and blue heron,  that regularly visits us.  When dogs are kept on leash they can't harass our furry and feathered guests, ensuring that the wildlife ... Read more

Is Pringle Creek Community the Same as Co-Housing?

Pringle Creek Community (PCC) and co-housing communities share many common, desirable features such as pedestrian friendly streets and trails,  higher density, centralized living, open space, and a community center where people can gather and celebrate.  Although there are similarities between the two community types, the differences, which are subtle, are also significant. The main differences exist in three areas - Pringle Creek Community's planning process vs that of a co-housing development, the type of common, residential gathering space, and the degree of community involvement in decision making. Co-housing communities are typically planned, created, and developed by the people who desire to live together in community.  The ... Read more

Willamette Valley Holiday Wine Tastings – and Beer, Too!

November and December are great months to visit local Willamette Valley vintners, taste their wines, and stock up on your party and dinner wines.  Willamette Valley vineyards are celebrating 50 years since the first pinto noir vines were planted in 1965. According to NWwines.com,"There are now more than 400 wineries in the Valley producing world-class pinot noir.  This holiday weekend, more than 160 wineries throughout the valley are throwing open their doors for special tastings, live music, food pairings, holiday discounts and more.  Each winery celebrates the weekend with its own flair—join the tradition!"  The wines in our region are ... Read more
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