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The Ultimate Recycle – Our Geothermal Loop System

Geothermal, 'earth's heat,' is the basis for heating and cooling systems that are elegant and efficient in design and an energy source that is completely renewable.  Pringle Creek Community (PCC) converted an old industrial well into a giant heating and cooling system. As you may know, PCC sits upon a 32-acre property that once served as the maintenance grounds for the Fairview Training Center.  Fairview, established in 1907, was Oregon's state-run facility for people with developmental disabilities until the year 2000.  Fairview Training Center had an extensive 670-acre property, part of which was powered through steam heat.   The industrial well ... Read more

Unlimited Hiking Opportunities Nearby!

There are unlimited outdoor opportunities in and around Salem, Oregon. We are very fortunate to have all kinds of places to explore, to hike, to boat and swim, to fish, ski, and just relax on one of our many beautiful ocean beaches.  The recreational opportunities in Oregon are limitless - and Salem is in the middle of it! In the realm of hiking, one of my favorite spots is Minto-Brown Island Park, on the west side of town along the Willamette River, just 3.6 miles from Pringle Creek Community. Minto-Brown Park is 1200 acres of parkland that offers open meadows, riverside trails, ... Read more

Chainsaw Artist to Visit PCC

Our fallen oak tree near Painters Hall, our community center, will soon be converted into a seating area to complete our outdoor Reading Room!  Chainsaw artist, Keving Strauslin, is coming to Pringle Creek Community Saturday morning, October 31, to cut out a section of the tree and make it into a bench so that residents and visitors can spend some time reading a book from our little free library or simply relaxing, enjoying the peace of the Village Green. The Little Free Library is located right next to the new park, next to Village Center Drive.               Mr. Strauslin is a local ... Read more

A Resident’s Perspective on Life at Pringle Creek Community

What is it really like to live at Pringle Creek Community (PCC)?  Does living in an energy efficient home make much difference?  Is the quality of life any better? I'd been wondering about this when, during  the monthly neighbor meeting, Anna, a relatively recent neighbor, volunteered some thoughts about her experiences living here so far.  I asked her afterward if she'd take some time to share more about her life at PCC so far.  She happily agreed. Anna decided that she needed to move to the south Salem area in order to be closer to family.  She also wanted to downsize in ... Read more

Truly a Community Center

Our community center, Painters Hall, is the main hub of Pringle Creek Community (PCC) life where community members gather for yoga, movie night, walking group, family, and celebratory events. Painters Hall is a beautiful Net Zero building, meaning that through its 220Kwh solar array it makes as much energy (more, in our case) as it requires to serve its energy needs annually.  It is an award-winning Net Zero and LEED platinum commercial building, the first of its kind in the country! Painters Hall serves as both a model of environmental sustainability as well as a community meeting place that ... Read more
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