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Wine and Energy Efficiency

What do Pringle Creek Community and Bordeaux, France, have in common? We both are using geothermal technology to make more energy efficient homes. Geothermal energy works by using the constant temperature of the earth as a way to heat and cool homes more efficiently. How efficiently you may ask? During the hottest months of summer a couple of years back, a resident recollected on only paying about $40 per month to cool their home. Overall, whether heating or cooling our geothermal homes here at Pringle Creek, the cost relative to traditional methods is far less. Beyond living more sustainably through energy ... Read more

Create a Splash

Custom homes that are sustainably built are just one hallmark of Pringle Creek Community. With the freedom to choose what types of finishes comes many possibilities - including in the bathroom! The bathroom is quite an important place in the home that everyone uses. There are many choices of Thrones (also known as toilets) for a custom built home along with many choices on tubs, showers, and faucets. Traditional toilets may use up to 7 gallons of water per flush, but the water conserving dual-flush toilets installed here typically use between 1 – 3 gallons per flush. Taking a shower ... Read more

Trees Save Billions

At Pringle Creek Community, we think trees and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. After all, innovative designs are drawing inspiration from nature to make renewable energy systems. We are a part of the Fairview Master Plan, and part of that plan means preserving 80% of the tree cover. How do trees save billions? Trees that are strategically placed lead to energy savings by lowering heating and cooling costs throughout the year as well as decreasing soil erosion. So, when you’re having your walk around the Pringle Creek neighborhood and looking up at the cedar and sequoia trees, think that they’re not only gorgeous, but serve ... Read more

Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge

Interconnectivity is a part of what makes Pringle Creek Community thrive. We have open channels to the greater Salem community through walking paths and the flowing creek brimming with wildlife. When walking around downtown, you may see Pringle Creek winding throughout the city. It's a good reminder that we're all connected. Salem is becoming increasingly interconnected with plans for an innovative bridge to be completed in late summer, with it being open to the public by late spring! There are also plans for the Peter Courtney Minto Island Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge to have soft trails and native vegetation restoration nearby. It will ... Read more


At Pringle Creek Community we believe in sharing innovative ideas. TEDxSalem is happening this weekend with a line-up of speakers who will talk about re-imagining how products can be made to better serve people, re-thinking what foods we choose to eat, and much more. Our community is focused on  healthy living through building homes that are made of healthier materials as well as renewable energy systems that will better serve residents in the long-run. Our urban farm also serves as a healthy alternative to choosing foods which are organic, local, and strengthen community. We are excited to have such ... Read more
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