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Turkey Days!

Well, we've become a new home for a family of wild turkeys!  A mother turkey has brought her brood down from on the Fairview campus hill, deciding, it seems, that we're the best place to raise her family.  It IS true, we're THE best place around to raise a family - both human and feathered, apparently!  She's been a good mother, maintaining her brood of eight chicks.  Fun! Read more

Alexa’s Tomatoes

Alexa, a young gardener and 4-H participant, has taken her vegetables seriously.  She visited with her 4-H group earlier this spring in March.  During that trip, they planted pumpkins and brought home tomato plants.  Well, Alexa has tended seriously to her tomato plants - entering her plants in the Marion County fair!   She withstood judging and we're waiting on pins and needles to hear how she did.  Good luck, Alexa!  So exciting! Read more

Wildlife sightings

Here are some pictures of recent wildlife sightings at Pringle Creek Community.  Bluebirds have hatched and fledged from a few of our bluebird houses.  Jane, our Community Manager and resident, is also bluebird box monitor and took these pictures while checking on the birds.   We've become home base for a family of wild turkeys, too!  We understand that they've been hanging out up the hill from us, but the momma has apparently decided that Pringle Creek Community is a decent new home for her eight baby chicks.  It's fun to see them at various locations on the property! Read more

Lots of Ladybugs = Less Aphids

Wowza!  I've never seen so many ladybugs in one place!  As part of our organic gardening, Colleen ordered and released about 10,000 hungry little ladies (ladybugs). They'll help keep the aphids in check (or eliminate them completely).  Whew!  Quite a site to see. Read more

What an Event We Had! Oregon Tilth is Coming Next

We had a GREAT turnout at the Emergency Preparedness event last night!  Over 50 people came to Painters Hall to learn about what kind of emergency one could expect in our area and region, what systems are in place, and how to be prepared for anything.   Roger Stevenson, Emergency Preparedness Manager for the City of Salem, gave us a lot of very useful and important information including checklists and a booklet describing what to expect and how to adapt when big event like the impending earthquake hits.  If you'd like information, check out the City of Salem's Emergency Management page. Next ... Read more
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