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Gorgeous Peppers!

Wow!  Colleen, our Urban Farmer, harvested some beautiful peppers for the CSA this week.  Her organic farming skills are really reaping amazing rewards.  Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) provides fresh produce for shareholders every week (every other week from October through February) for 10 months of the year. Colleen grows the produce both inside our historic glasshouses and in our outside garden that are shared with community gardeners and residents. Read more

Harvest Time!

This is a delicious time of year at Pringle Creek Community!  The fruit in our shared orchard is ripe and ready to harvest for eating, jelly creation, or pie-making.             The fruit orchard is a delectable amenity and lovely addition to living here.  Residents at Pringle Creek Community get alerts telling them to come on out, harvest, and enjoy the bounty.  Sharing food with friends and neighbors is an excellent part of living in a community, an aspect of life neighbors enjoy regularly. Change your life!  Come live at Pringle Creek Community! Read more

Canning Tomato Bounty

Pringle Creek Community resident Jane Poznar collected, prepped, and canned tomatoes from our abundant gardens. Our glasshouses are bursting, thanks to the efforts of our urban farmer, Colleen Owen, with tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and squash.  Sounds like the makings for a great salad as well as opportunities for food preservation.  Many residents have garden plots both inside the glasshouses and outside. They love collecting and cooking with the fresh-off-the-vine produce. Our newly erected deer fencing is doing its job, keeping wonderful, delicious vegetables in and deer out (wild turkeys sometimes wander through ...). Read more

What is ‘Green’ Building?

Construction of any building has an impact - on the physical location where it is built, on the surroundings, and on the pocketbook of those involved in the building's creation.  A 'new' way of building has emerged since the 1990's that is now sweeping the nation.  Green Building is here - and it is everywhere at Pringle Creek Community. 'Green' building is creating a building with the environment, energy use, and society in mind.  Instead of simply creating a structure to keep the elements out (for the most part) and to last for at least one or two generations, a ... Read more

Turkey Days!

Well, we've become a new home for a family of wild turkeys!  A mother turkey has brought her brood down from on the Fairview campus hill, deciding, it seems, that we're the best place to raise her family.  It IS true, we're THE best place around to raise a family - both human and feathered, apparently!  She's been a good mother, maintaining her brood of eight chicks.  Fun! Read more
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