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Look inside the Net Zero home

The Net Zero home is remarkable in so many ways. This two-level 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath comes with renewable energy technology and uses more environmentally safe materials to make it an overall healthier home for you and your family. Not to mention, it looks gorgeous. Let's take a closer look inside the Net Zero Home to show you the sustainable amenities it has to offer. Open Houses for the Net Zero Home | 1884 John Muir Circle Saturday, July 23 (12 - 3:00pm) Wednesday, July 27 (5 - 8:00pm) Open Houses in August will be happening, too! Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter. Click Here ... Read more

New Net Zero Home Offer!

Open Houses for the Net Zero Home Saturday, July 16: 12 - 3:00pm Saturday, July 23: 12 - 3:00pm Wednesday, July 27: 5 - 8:00pm We are excited to announce a reduced price and limited time offer of $3,000 credit at closing for the Net Zero Home. This 4 bedroom and 2 1/2 bath home is comfortable and spacious. When you walk in the door, the first-floor open plan flows from one room to the next. Imagine yourself getting ready for your friends or family to come over, and while you're preparing veggies that are fresh from Pringle Creek Community's urban farm, you ... Read more

Chemeketa Students Learn Sustainable Land Practices

At Pringle Creek Community, we serve as an example of what a sustainable community is by being the only residential development in Salem to have LEED certified and energy efficient homes. Our sustainable practices continue from the homes we build and into our dedicated green space, which includes Pringle Creek, itself. We also have a non-profit called the Sustainable Learning Center with a focus on education and sustainable practices, which functions within Pringle Creek Community. Last week, Chemeketa Community College students from a biology summer course came to PCC to learn more about our environmentally sustainable practices in a hands-on ... Read more

You Can Become a Master Recycler

Is that pizza box recyclable?  How about the almond milk box?  Or a brown glass vitamin bottle?  And the lid?  Can you recycle that, too?  Will I ruin an entire 'batch' of city recycling if I am not sure and put an item into the recycling that isn't actually recycle-able?  These are common questions and concerns people have regarding recycling.  Although people are much more comfortable recycling than they were 10 years ago, there's still a number of unknowns and questions regarding how Marion County's system works and what is actually recycle-able.  When people aren't sure, they either put ... Read more

Introducing Living Room Realty

Pringle Creek Community was founded upon a deep belief in sustainable community principles.  Those principles guide us constantly as we work to build a vibrant, innovative community where living is simplified and woven into the rhythm of nature.  We've earned many accolades and awards commending our commitment to building a place where the land and sustainable living are celebrated. We're excited to announce the start of a working relationship with a real estate organization that shares very similar and complementary principles to ours - that organization is Living Room Realty (LRR).   LRR was also founded upon a belief in the need for sustainable ... Read more
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