Chainsaw Art Completes Our Newest Park

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Local Salem chainsaw artist Kevin Strauslin has completed his work here at Pringle Creek Community leaving us with two new benches and some whimsical carvings, too! Many thanks to Mr. Strauslin for his creative work that has transformed our little pocket park into a truly comfortable place to sit, relax, and even take time to read a book from our Little Free Library.  This park is located just in front of our community center, Painters Hall.  The park and new benches, carved into the oak that rests where it fell last year, will also add a new dimension to future events when there’s lovely, sunny weather by creating a natural outdoor livingspace.  Our new park is a nice place for a change of scenery or to take a few quiet minutes alone.  Check out these pictures of Kevin’s visit and his work:

Park Kevin starting park Keving cutting in front park Kevin on one side Park Kevin cutting armrest Park Kevin chain cutting3 park bench cut park Kevin carving bear