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Custom homes that are sustainably built are just one hallmark of Pringle Creek Community. With the freedom to choose what types of finishes comes many possibilities – including in the bathroom! The bathroom is quite an important place in the home that everyone uses. There are many choices of Thrones (also known as toilets) for a custom built home along with many choices on tubs, showers, and faucets. Traditional toilets may use up to 7 gallons of water per flush, but the water conserving dual-flush toilets installed here typically use between 1 – 3 gallons per flush. Taking a shower instead of a bath is also another way to save more H20. Leaving a lighter footprint on the earth and also on your wallet. You may find toilets that use water from the sink or even a clothes washer. With showers, there’s a variety of shower heads that conserve water as well as a variety of sprays. One shower even uses fog for washing (we can’t believe it either, imagine literally feeling like you’re in a temperate rain forest). You can also tile your bathroom with beautiful green glass that looks like it washed up from the sea or have an extremely comfortable bath mat that’s made of actual living moss. With custom building, the details can be fun to explore with your family. Create a splash with your designs! Take a look at all the design ideas for showers below, and also links after that show ways of choosing more eco-friendly alternatives for showers, tile and toilets. 

Photo Flip: 50 Showers That Create a Splash

Find fresh inspiration in these bathrooms with mosaic and large-format tiles, pebble flooring and more

Bryan Anthony January 27, 2017 | Houzz Editorial Staff; writer, design enthusiast, reader, softball player. | View original source here. 

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