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Colleen Owen, our Urban Farmer,  has done it yet again, she’s turned something she found into an absolutely gorgeous addition to the agrihood. It’s all about word-of-mouth, having a knack for knowing how to find precious materials that may be destined for the trash heap, skill and creativity. Oh, and her dad, Ralph, also played a major role with his talent in carpentry. Colleen’s mom, Connie, was also there to offer support through her cooking skills, running those last minute errands for parts, and her sense of humor. Just a guess, but you’re wanting to know what they made!

family carpentry

Old onion crates from someone’s farm were taken to Carpenters Hall, a building planned for commercial use, where the family devised a way to take them a part and put them back together again to become beautiful raised beds for our urban farm. These crates from the salvaged wood look so good, someone thought they would be appropriate for a scene at Breitenbush’s hot springs. Colleen and her dad carefully measured out the wooden planks, and violà – magic happened.

family carpentry

The family put together many types of raised beds for the growing season. These raised beds will be used to grow produce for Pringle Creek’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and our farm stand. In addition to using the raised beds in our glass houses, residents will also be using some of these raised beds in the outdoor gardening plots to try out their gardening skills. It’s truly valuable to be able to reuse old materials and also spend quality time with family working on a project together. You learn, and at the end, well, at least this time, the finished product is truly stunning.

family carpentry

Click on the image to see more ways of using salvaged wood.

The raised beds are currently getting set into place. Come by the urban farm to see how the raised beds are looking, and congratulate Colleen on a job well done.