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At Pringle Creek Community, we are the whole package when it comes to healthy living. We are leaders in green building, and we offer home options to suit your lifestyle. If you’d like to reduce clutter and live big, then we have the capability of building homes that are 400 square feet on up. If your living situation is geared toward something a bit larger (say you work from home or have a couple of kiddos), we’ve got you covered. In fact, Better Builders of Oregon is building the Net Zero home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, and it’s a good idea to get in from the ground up! This way, you may be able to personalize your home with the finishes you desire (we know you’ve been thinking about custom colors for those cabinets…). Better Builders of Oregon specializes in ICF (insulated concrete forms), and this green building technology means a lot of the materials are 100% recycled, and do well with the climate of the Pacific Northwest. Also, be on the look out for our next presentation on ICF.

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Jerry Spivey of Better Builders of Oregon explaining ICF.

We have plans to build a 1-level 3 bedroom and 2 bath home on John Muir Loop, too. One of the many beautiful things about living at Pringle Creek Community, is that we have many home options to choose from. Whether your more social, private, or a bit of both, you can choose a lot and home design that fits your needs. We are an agrihood, so perhaps you want to get situated in a way that your closer to the orchards or wake up with your morning coffee and look out at the cedar groves. If you’re thinking you’d like some solar panels on your roof, we can figure out what type of lot would get you the most solar potential. If you’re thinking geothermal is more your focus, then we can also take a walk about the geothermal loop. In fact, taking a walk about our community is probably one of the best ways to see it and get a feel for what Pringle Creek Community is really about. We invite you to take a tour with us to see what healthy living looks like.

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Net Zero Home