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At Pringle Creek Community, we love wildlife and take measures to make sure it thrives. For instance, we work with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to make sure the creek is managed in a way that allows for wild salmon to flourish. We manage the land sustainably, and that means, when you walk by the blackberries, you can pluck them off the vine without any worries, although you might find some mineral rich dirt on them from time to time. We also love watching the deer and turkeys that have been frequenting our community. We’ve got bird boxes, so that the Bluebirds and other types of birds have a nice safe haven for raising their young. There are also rumors that we may have an owl occupying the owl home by the Catalpa trees in front of the greenhouses.

pringle creek critter time

Allusive feline practicing camouflage technique.

We also adore our not-so-wild animals. This includes our chatty chickens (which we have some teenagers getting to know the roost right now), and also some animals of the feline and canine variety. Our residents have been so kind as to share photos of their pets, and the furry friends they’ve made here. Look for future posts of adorable animals from residents. If you’re wandering about our community, and you see a delightful creature scampering across a path, please share it with us! #pringlecreekcritters

pringle creek critter time

Squirrels and Turkeys can be friends!