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Spring brings Green building

Spring has sprung and so has the building season.  Builders have broken ground on two new homes up in our Net Zero loop.  One will be a two-story custom home for new neighbors and the other is a single level, three bedroom, two bath home that we are building for resale.  Both houses will be highly energy efficient LEED and Net Zero certified. LEED certification ensures that they are built green, with sustainable methods and materials, and energy efficient systems throughout, while the builder also takes care to minimize waste and erosion.  LEED also signifies a home that is ... Read more

Is Pringle Creek Community the Same as Co-Housing?

Pringle Creek Community (PCC) and co-housing communities share many common, desirable features such as pedestrian friendly streets and trails,  higher density, centralized living, open space, and a community center where people can gather and celebrate.  Although there are similarities between the two community types, the differences, which are subtle, are also significant. The main differences exist in three areas - Pringle Creek Community's planning process vs that of a co-housing development, the type of common, residential gathering space, and the degree of community involvement in decision making. Co-housing communities are typically planned, created, and developed by the people who desire to live together in community.  The ... Read more

Steel Bridge Coffee

It is a little-known fact that coffee, like many other food products, goes bad over time when exposed to air; it is a surprisingly delicate product with great variation in quality and taste. Lucky for us, we have local coffee roaster Joseph Penner, who owns and operates Steel Bridge Coffee, delivering fresh, high quality coffees to Salem.The difference between store-bought coffee and fresh-roasted coffee is like the difference between a grocery store strawberry picked two weeks too early and one plucked right out of the field and popped into your mouth. If coffee is something you enjoy, you really should try ... Read more

Tour de Pringle Creek

What an awesome bike race Sunday! Organized by Capitol Velo Bicycle Club, racers sped through our neighborhood streets (the one and only time of the year when high speeds are ok on our streets) and along Fairview Industrial Drive in hopes of winning cash prizes and notoriety -- riders came from across the state. This was serious intensity circuit racing, high speed over the course of 75 or 90 minutes! Competitors enjoyed the technical cornering and design of our streets, which made their laps way more challenging and interesting than typical circuit speed races. Who needs to go to ... Read more

BTA bike commute challenge!

Shannon and Santiago are participating in the BTA's bike commute challenge this month! So far Shannon is in the lead but not by much. Read more
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