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Urban Farmer Certification

Chris and Elizabeth with Minto Island Growers kick off the first Urban Farmer class! Read more

Urban Farmer Certification

Our educational objective for the Conservatory is simple: teach people, particularly children and young adults, how to grow their own food. In response, we started the Leslie Middle School Learning Garden to encourage students to explore the connection between the classroom and the natural environment. Now we are excited to debut our newest Conservatory program geared toward people in their 20s and 30s, the Urban Farmer Certification.Developed in partnership with Friends of Salem Saturday Market and the OSU Master Gardener Program, the Urban Farmer Certification will allow you to learn valuable gardening skills while cultivating your own healthy, organic ... Read more

First snow!

The Leslie Middle School students' cold crops are happy and cozy in the Conservatory, and everything seems brighter with last night's dusting... Read more

Garden action

Students helped harvest the last of the peppers, tomatoes, and pumpkins -- a little till and Shannon will plant the red clover cover crop before tomorrow's rain. First time operating a rototiller! Read more

Leslie Middle School Learning Garden!

We recently partnered with Leslie Middle School to establish the Leslie Middle School Learning Garden. Led by Leslie teacher Consuelo Kammerer, the students visit the Pringle Creek Conservatory a few times a week to learn useful gardening skills. Leslie Middle School students plant organic broccoli and cabbage in the Conservatory. Throughout the fall and winter, the students are cultivating winter greens in a raised bed in one of the greenhouses, and growing garlic outside on a portion of the community garden space. The project is the first aspect of Pringle Creek's new Conservatory objective ... Read more
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