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Early Fall in the Garden and Orchard

Fall has arrived at Pringle Creek. The trees along the streets have begun their slow change from green to red, and are falling to the ground. You can tell which side of the trees get the most sun as the trees change in patches. It won't be long before more leaves will be found on the roads and sidewalks than in the branches. Mornings have been cooler and damp the past few weeks causing some plants to begin finishing up for the year. We harvested the last of the Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash as the foliage began to die off ... Read more

Preserving the Harvest

The evenings are getting darker just a little bit earlier then last month and the mornings are cooler. About a handful of trees between Madrona Ave and Pringle Creek Community are beginning to show hints of orange and red in what has been a sea of green all summer. In your best "Game of Thrones" character voice you can hear the whisper..."Fall is coming."Fall means more work for this Urban Farmer. The garden is changing once again; crops are finishing, new crops can be planted, and other year ending chores need to take place before the weather turns cold ... Read more

Introducing the Pringle Creek Harvest Stand!

Meet our newest feature to Pringle Creek, the Pringle Creek Harvest Stand. The garden, greenhouses and orchards have been producing enough fruit and vegetables for use in the Painter's Hall cafe menu with great success. A lot of success actually, so much so we have more to share! Our Harvest Stand can be found on the Painter's Hall patio, 9am to 2pm, Monday through Friday.Enjoy fresh produce throughout the growing season! Currently we have two types of summer squash, Yellow Crookneck and Giambo, along with Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. Soon to arrive to the stand will be our last ... Read more

Pringle Creek Garden: Workhorse and the Heartbreaker

One of the most exciting requirements of a gardener and urban farmer is seed and crop selection. Earlier this week I ordered my fall and winter seeds and was told I looked like a kid on Christmas morning. This excitement continues as your plans for the year become sprouted seedlings in the greenhouse, starts needing to be transplanted to larger pots and eventually crops placed in the garden to grow, mature and harvest. When the process works better then expected, you delight in your green thumb, when misfortunes never expected occur you shed tears and curse the evildoer. Here ... Read more

Planning the First Fall Garden at Pringle Creek

It seems too soon to begin dreaming of a fall and winter garden wonderland but alas, it's planning time. Margaret, the Painter's Hall Cafe chef, and myself met to discuss what we would like to see make its way to the cafe menu. This year will be our first fall season using the garden space for more Pringle Creek grown produce. Here are some highlights of our planning session:Fall Crops Ideas- Root vegetables (Beets, Turnips, Parsnips)- Cool season greens (Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach)- Cooking standards (Carrots, Onions, Celery)Thinking Ahead For Spring- Fall planted garlic- Spring potatoes- Herbs for the ... Read more
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