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Pringle Creek in Metropolis Magazine

Susan Szenasy, Editor-in-Chief of Metropolis (the stunning magazine of architecture and design), attended our presentation at Greenbuild Toronto last month, and wrote about it in the November issue's "Publisher's Notes." She picked up the key message we were trying to communicate: great, sustainable design is more than just energy efficiency or "doing with less" but rather about having more -- more of the features that improve our lives, the simple joys that typically come at no cost. Scroll through our Greenbuild PDF of the presentation here and thanks to Jackie (my lovely wife) for modeling in the magazine photo! Read more

Urban Farmer Certification Class Tour

Last weekend Urban Farmer participants toured several classmates' wonderful home garden spaces, checking out the organic gardening principles discussed in class.Kristi's organized and bountiful tomato operation.Susan's gorgeous peppers (above) and beautiful sunflower/bean trellis (below).Megan and Andrew's pumpkins!Mary and John's incredible food garden, encompassing the former grassy shoulder of the road.It was so neat to see how the garden owners employed the organic gardening principles discussed in class. Thanks to all of our participants who hosted sites and attended our wonderful garden tour!This year's Urban Farmer Certification is, sadly, almost over! If you are interested in signing up for next ... Read more

Weeding without chemicals

Paco's strategy for weeding without chemicals includes BBQing them with his flame thrower. A quick blast of high intensity heat literally boils the plant's cells and tap root. It is most effective in gravel or paved areas where the torch won't burn nearby plants that you want to keep. Children: do not attempt this at home!! Read more

Summer is here!

Wow it actually feels like summer! Today was so beautiful, I thought I'd walk around and take some photos of what's new around here... Urban Farmers adding to their garden plots and getting ready. Painters Hall is a perfect place to hang out, drink some iced tea, and get refreshed. We are pouring the foundation of the Coho cottage today! It's the second house currently under construction. This Coho is a 3BD / 2BA LEED Gold home, perfect size at 1,300sqft.  The garage greenroofs are really amazing this time of the year. There are more than 30 different plant species up there! Watch out for ... Read more

Urban Farmer Certification: Irrigation Basics

Last Saturday, the Urban Farmer Certification class gathered in Painters Hall to learn about the science of water and its role in plant propagation. Instructor Val Tancredi of Stettler Supply Company led the class in a discussion of the benefits of drip irrigation, and then directed the class to the garden where they installed the entire drip system for the 5000 sq. ft. space.Contact Shannon at if you would like more information on the Urban Farmer Certification, or to join the wait list for next year! Read more
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