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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Us!

Pringle Creek Community is a cutting edge sustainable community development in Salem, Oregon, an innovative community with a LOT of wonderful and interesting features.  Below are a few aspects of our community development that you may not be aware of.  Read on! We have an edible landscape!  Fruit trees and berries are abundant and available to our residents.  Pringle Creek Community residents enjoy sharing the delicious fruit that grows in our shared green spaces.  When the cherries, peaches, pears, apples or berries are ripe, we notify our residents so that they can harvest fresh fruit for eating, pie or jam ... Read more

Greenroofs in full bloom

It's that time of year again when the greenroofs at Pringle Creek burst to life. This year we saw the new arrival of several camas lilies (which apparently take two years to mature and bloom). Bulbs such as these, and others (fawn lily, onion and other alliums) really thrive up here -- they can tolerate wet feet and a dry dormant summer. Below is the view outside our bedroom window! We've seen all sorts of birds and bumblebees, and it is way more interesting that looking out over a regular metal or flat roof, in addition to the fact ... Read more


The greenroofs at Pringle Creek are exploding with life! Read more

Greenroof action

Our greenroofs are responding to the longer days and warmer weather! And new growth is beginning to unfurl. It is literally exploding with life up there. Really neat to see the specialty native lilies like the camas and tiger poking through the thick carpet of native sedums. It is a very dynamic and textured roof! Look for more photos in coming weeks when everything starts to bloom. Read more

Roofs gone wild!

Our two greenroofs are in full bloom! Here are some photos of the roof of the detached garages (for the five cottage homes on Cousteau Loop). Our other greenroof is located on the pump house for the district ground-source geothermal loop.Greenroofs have many benefits, for instance:Durability: our roofing membrane is shielded by the soil from degrading effects UV rays, so the roof will outlast shingles and metal three to five times. That saves some money over the life of a building. Our greenroof cost $5 psf to install, including roof membrane, rock, stabilizer bars, soil, plant material, seed and ... Read more
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