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Ladies and gentlemen, William McDonough

Some of our Pringle Creek Team (see below) went to the NAHB National Green Building Conference in St. Louis to accept The Award. As part of that, they got to hear a presentation by William McDonough, a designer and author of “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things,” (which was already listed in our Book Selections).The video above, a fascinating and inspiring talk given by McDonough in 2000, was brought to our attention by Opsis architect Mark Kogut. The talk is on “the concept of design,” and McDonough is talking about design in a big way--designing solutions ... Read more

OSU Extension website on sustainability

Go Beavs. Recommended by Sustainable Living Center director, Santiago, check out the OSU Extension Service website Looking for Oregon’s Future: What is Sustainability?, the goal of which is:. . . to promote dialogue among Oregonians concerning the future of our communities, industries, and economy, and concerning the quality of life we want to make possible for our grandchildren.This page from the website is an interesting piece about former Governor John Kitzhaber’s Oregon Solutions initiative from 2000. Read more

A worldchanging website

The Library has added a really impressive website to its “selections.” The site was brought to our attention by James Meyer of Opsis Architecture, Pringle Creek “Master Architect and Planner, Building Regeneration and Commercial Mixed-use Architect.” In other words, to imagine Pringle Creek without James's input is to start over.Oh, yeah, the website. It is: WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future.Interesting, a website with a long subtitle. Perhaps inspired by Borat.Anyway,, whose publisher is Leif Utne, son of the founder of Utne Reader, a progressive magazine from way back, . . . works ... Read more

Straub Lecture

Environmental Changes and Human Well-Being: Information and HopePresented by Dr. Jane LubchencoThursday, February 22, 2007, 7 – 8:30 p.m. Salem Public Library’s Loucks AuditoriumThe path-breaking Millennium Ecosystem Assessment synthesizes scientific knowledge about the ways in which people benefit from “ecosystem services” such as water and air purification, climate regulation, the provision of seafood and crops, the protection of coastlines from storm damage, and places to enjoy nature. Professor Jane Lubchenco will discuss the state of ecosystem services and the innovative approaches being used to retain critical services while meeting the needs of current and future generations. A lead author ... Read more

The IPCC Report: How bad is it, Doc?

Our one and only planet is big, 25,000 miles around, but it has just a tiny little layer of atmosphere. From downtown Salem it’s about the same distance up to outer space as it is sideways to Silverton. Hence, the atmosphere can only take so much human burning. We do a lot of burning. It causes a greenhouse effect and traps heat.That’s right, it’s us people, almost for sure, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report #4 “Summary for Policy Makers” that was released the other day.Almost no doubt that people are the cause, so let’s ... Read more
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