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Energy Efficiency Creates Low-Cost, High Quality Comfort

Man!  It is super windy around here these days with the weather shifting from fall into winter.  Although I hear the wind whipping around outside, giving me thoughts of chilly, cold experiences, I am really comfortable here in the office at Painters Hall.  The level of coziness continues to surprise me; I grew up in Minnesota and recall very well cold winter evenings hanging out by the fireplace.  Our house was warm, but I remember my Dad reminding us to quickly close the doors to keep the heat in; I even recall seeing frost on the inside of the windows when ... Read more

Unlimited Hiking Opportunities Nearby!

There are unlimited outdoor opportunities in and around Salem, Oregon. We are very fortunate to have all kinds of places to explore, to hike, to boat and swim, to fish, ski, and just relax on one of our many beautiful ocean beaches.  The recreational opportunities in Oregon are limitless - and Salem is in the middle of it! In the realm of hiking, one of my favorite spots is Minto-Brown Island Park, on the west side of town along the Willamette River, just 3.6 miles from Pringle Creek Community. Minto-Brown Park is 1200 acres of parkland that offers open meadows, riverside trails, ... Read more

Exceptional Theater and Talent Right Here in Salem

Bobrauschenbergamerica! "Huh?" you may ask.  This play, Bobrauschenbergamerica, written by Charles Mee, a performance art depiction of Robert Rauschenberg's life, art, and work, is currently showing at Willamette University and is a performance not to be missed.  The artist's work and the play are both reminiscent of Dada, so if you aren't into the abstract and absurd, then this isn't a play for you - BUT, the caliber of the performance was so good, that I expect the entire Willamette Theater's season will be excellent.  I highly recommend anyone who loves the theater to give Willamette a try. Pringle Creek Community ... Read more

Snow at Pringle Creek: March 2014

Several days of snow kept all of Salem tucked into home-bound mode for a quiet weekend. We had 12 to 14 inches of snow at Pringle Creek Community. It was cold but made for a beautiful and serene day. Our Events Coordinator, Kerry, stands on the porch of Painters Hall in her cross country gear. Kerry and her husband David ski-commuted home Friday evening. Snow continued to fall, transforming Pringle Creek into something more reminiscent of Fargo … or Sochi. Read more

Light and Bright with Outdoor Living

We are pleased to announce the completion of our latest home "Red Tail". Some of our favorite features are the over sized front porch that catches the morning sun and covered patio, perfect for summer entertaining. Red Tail also features well placed oversized windows that keep this energy efficient home light and bright throughout the year. We have used the best green building materials throughout this home including beautiful, low maintenance native Oregon landscaping.  Please contact us today if you would like to tour this beautiful home, or any of our other homes. Read more
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