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Benefits of Sustainability

From our friends at the Federal Highway Administration comes this condensed summary on the Benefits of Livability. Seriously, the FHA is part of a federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities that includes the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing.  All trying to do good work by sharing their expertise and coordinating their efforts. Aside from a bit of jargon, there are great points here.  They begin by listing some of the Economic Benefits (including energy savings and lower maintenance costs) followed by Public Health Benefits (which gets personal pretty quickly), and finally they address Environmental Benefits, pointing notably to ... Read more

Healthy Seasonal Snacks Available Now!

While for many of us the onset of fall can mean the return of a more regular schedule it also often means the beginning of a hectic rush to get everything done. On days that you can't seem to quite live up to your perfect, organized self we invite you to head on over to Painters Hall Cafe for one of our new small plates. We're starting the season off with a new twist on the ever popular apple and peanut butter. We are offering a house-made almond butter made from organic almonds blended together with cinnamon and a ... Read more

Healthy Living In The News

Great article from the New York Times about neighborhood design & impact on our health. January 30th, 2012 Communities Learn the Good Life Can Be a Killer By JANE E. BRODY ACTIVE ANTIDOTE Atlanta is transforming an old rail corridor into a trail network that encourages walking and biking. Developers in the last half-century called it progress when they built homes and shopping malls far from city centers throughout the country, sounding the death knell for many downtowns. But now an alarmed cadre of public health experts say these expanded metropolitan areas have had a far more serious impact on the people who live there ... Read more

Living in the Willamette Valley

What's it like to live in the Willamette Valley? Here is a collection of photos that Travel Salem put together that gives an idea of how beautiful and fun this little corner of the world can be. And if you are considering moving to Oregon, you should definitely check out the Travel Oregon site. Things really are different here....Photo by Ron Cooper Photography, Copyright Travel Salem Read more

Pringle Creek in Metropolis Magazine

Susan Szenasy, Editor-in-Chief of Metropolis (the stunning magazine of architecture and design), attended our presentation at Greenbuild Toronto last month, and wrote about it in the November issue's "Publisher's Notes." She picked up the key message we were trying to communicate: great, sustainable design is more than just energy efficiency or "doing with less" but rather about having more -- more of the features that improve our lives, the simple joys that typically come at no cost. Scroll through our Greenbuild PDF of the presentation here and thanks to Jackie (my lovely wife) for modeling in the magazine photo! Read more
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