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Highest Rated Home

Our Net Zero home is the highest rated sustainable home and the first LEED Platinum certified home under the new and more stringent version 4 standards. At Pringle Creek Community, we are honored to receive this certification, and we are proud to continue being a leader in sustainable development. This very special home is now available for purchase. Better Builders of Oregon (BBO) built our Net Zero home. BBO are experts in green building, and have specialized in insulated concrete forms (ICF) for almost 30 years. Our Net Zero home uses 100% recycled polystyrene and concrete for its exterior, ... Read more

Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day is will be here soon, and there’s a whole lot of love going around. How do you celebrate love? How do you feel loved? At Pringle Creek Community, we think love starts with you and self care, and a big part of your life is usually spent at home.  Why not choose to live in a community that promotes health and well-being? The new Net Zero home is a sustainably built and innovative home that is now available in our community. This beautiful home has a spacious open plan positioned to let the morning sun spill into your ... Read more

Love Every Day

Start 2019 off right in a home that you love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to think about love at a whole other level. Living in our beautiful and energy efficient Net Zero home could bring you love every day of the year. With an open plan that let’s in plenty of light and a master on the main, this could be your dream home. You’ll also love the courtyard and patio that is great for entertaining, too. Step inside the Net Zero home Our community is also an extension of the Net Zero home, and ... Read more

The One

Pringle Creek Community is a one of a kind neighborhood, and we are excited to let you know that a very special and unique home has just become available. Like that special someone who only comes around once in a blue moon, the Net Zero home is sure to take your breath away. This unique 4-bedroom and 2.5 bath home has a master on the main with plenty of natural light, as well as a beautiful courtyard that's ideal for entertaining guests. When we think of the one, this one is the home that checks all the boxes. Taking even ... Read more

Pringle Creek Love

Turning a house into a home is about love. At Pringle Creek Community, there’s a lot of ingredients that combine together to make that happen. These include nature, innovation, and of course, community. Take the Net Zero home for example. Although mentioning the innovative ICF construction might not sound like love at first, once you receive an energy bill that is much lower than you could’ve imagined due to the tightly sealed envelope it provides…you may think otherwise. Long-term thinking goes hand-in-hand with a partnership that will last. With the Net Zero home being solar-ready, this means that there’s more potential ... Read more
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