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Resilient Communities & Emergency Management

"What is a 'sustainable community,' anyway?" you may ask. At Pringle Creek Community, it is a place where the three pillars of sustainability, Environment, Economy, and Community are all equally embraced and nurtured so that those living in the future will experience the same, if not better, quality of life as we experience today.  What does that have to do with emergency management? A resilient community of people is similar to a resilient 'community' in the Jefferson Wilderness.  It is diverse in talent, specialization, age, and knowledge.  It is also aware of the strengths and weaknesses of its neighbors so that ... Read more

Valentine’s Dinner

We're starting our Dinner Series for 2015 on Valentine's Day! Make a reservation and join us for a delicious, romantic evening. Read more

Fresh Greens

Colleen is proudly showing off her first harvest! Bright radishes and a pound each of mixed greens and spinach. This is no baby spinach either, but large crisp leaves which Chef Dave immediately used to line his signature beef sandwiches. Garden-to-Table in 15 minutes! Read more

Meet Our Staff: Urban Farmer

Meet Colleen, our new Urban Farmer, and come see all the wonderful things going on in the glasshouses. Stop by and say hi and ask about her latest projects. Colleen has production in the glasshouse growing toward year round Garden-to-Table bounty. Her plans for succession planting and new deep beds will ensure fresh veggies for Chef Dave to turn into wonderful offerings in Painters Hall Cafe throughout the year.     Read more

Spring Has Sprung

The groundhog had it right, spring has arrived early to the Pringle Creek Community garden, orchard and natural spaces. Everywhere you walk you can see signs of life budding and even blooming. The wisteria growing on the patio at Painters Hall is waking, dandelions are adding spots of color, the early producing blueberries have open buds and the perennials in the garden are preparing for bloom. The glasshouse is about a month ahead, with blossoms on the citrus trees and ripening Meyer Lemons ready for use in the Painters Hall Cafe menu. Many of the overwintering shrubs, grape vines, berry canes, and fruit trees ... Read more
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