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LEED Platinum Building

At Pringle Creek Community, we built the first LEED Platinum Certified community center in the nation, so we know how awesome it is to build to that level of sustainability. Our community center, called Painters Hall, serves as a resident amenity as well as being available to rent out to the public. This overlay of private vs. public use is a wonderful mix of cross pollination. Painters Hall hosts resident activities geared around health and wellness, be it yoga to become more present or book club for socializing and strengthening bonds within community. Green building is also a part ... Read more


Come one, come all, to Painters Hall! If you haven't heard yet, Painters Hall is our community center and events space. It's super versatile for informal get togethers (like Turkey Day), weddings, Girl Scout meetings, and more! It has the capacity to hold up to 120 people, and it's also a great space for doing salsa dancing or teaching a workshop. With a full kitchen (yes, there are wine glasses) and a projector that comes with the rental (for adorable baby photos or a professional presentation), you have access to many possibilities with your event. Painters Hall is also ... Read more

Super Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts go way back. Do you remember being a Brownie or perhaps your mom has a sash with various patches sewn on that show she achieved some awesome skills in self-sufficiency and sustainability? Did you have a heated debate on how Tagalongs were the best cookie, hands-down? Perhaps you remember singing, "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold." Experiencing the great outdoors, having cook-outs, and telling spooky stories by the campfire are all activities that a lot of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout families remember fondly, and are still being celebrated ... Read more

Lots Happening

Have you ever thought when it rains, it pours? Well, right now, summer is hot and fruit is ripening! We are all a buzz with welcoming new families to the neighborhood and starting new builds. A gorgeous lot nestled on the geothermal loop with a view of the fir grove is under contract, and another brilliant lot that's zoned for high solar potential has just sold. "Lots happening" here! There are builds happening on John Muir Loop with plans for Net Zero model as well as two attached homes. The Net Zero is a two-level that's a 4 bedroom ... Read more

Solar-Powered Events

Could you imagine your event being completely powered by solar energy? You can hold an event that is both sustainable, beautiful, and entertaining at Painters Hall. People who have rented Painters Hall think of it as a retreat-like atmosphere with trees, green space, and the creek that runs just outside. It's a versatile space with an area to show slides for a presentation and cute nooks for break-out sessions. The space can also turn into a dance floor with a large front porch to enjoy evening gatherings while the sunsets. We have an area that easily turns into a ... Read more
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