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TEDxSalem Fearless!

You've likely heard about TED Talks.  TED (technology, entertainment, design), is a nonprofit organization ‘devoted to ideas worth spreading.’  TEDx grew out of the original TED Talks and is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  TEDxSalem is in its third year and has truly blossomed! The speakers that are featured, all from Salem or the Willamette Valley, bring fascinating, thought-provoking ideas to the TEDxSalem stage.  Their next TEDxSalem event, Fearless, is October 3 at the Salem Convention Center in beautiful downtown Salem. Why is Pringle Creek Community (PCC) taking the ... Read more

Honey Extraction – A Beekeeper’s Joy

Honey extraction happened today.  It really is a simple, but fascinating, process to witness.  Our bees were very busy this season! Bill Wylie, Colleen's beekeeping mentor from the Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association, provided the use of his equipment and helped in the honey extraction.  Thanks, Bill!  Colleen, our Urban Farmer, all around gardener and beekeeper, used a heated knife to cut the cap off of the combs prior to putting the frames in the extractor. Once Colleen cut the caps off of the comb, Bill placed them into the spinner to extract the honey.  Below is a short video. ... Read more

A Healthy Home is Truly a Happy Home!

Enjoying a home that you KNOW is healthy really brings a deep sense of peace and comfort - and happiness.  A 'healthy home' is one that is free of toxic chemicals, chemicals that can easily and quickly enter your bloodstream and that of your children.  The materials used to build a conventional home, for example glues used in particle board or chemicals in paint, off-gas and add a variety of toxins to the air in the home.           Here at Pringle Creek Community, we believe that a healthy home is a key part of a healthy life.  Attention is given to the ... Read more

May happenings at Pringle Creek Community

May flowers are blooming - on our trees, in our glasshouse, along the creek, and all around the property!  We have mother-daughter yoga, neighbor movie night, salsa, and much more going on this month.  Check out our latest newsletter to learn more about all the May happenings at Pringle Creek Community. Read more

April Newsletter, April happenings! – Pringle Creek Community

Check out our latest newsletter and see all that is happening at Pringle Creek Community! Read more
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