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Live where you can Thrive!

The baby chickens are growing and thriving and our Tiny Library is filled with really good reading!  The glasshouse gardens are booming with the recent warm, sunny weather.  Pringle Creek Community really is a satisfying, fulfilling place to be.  Visitors love to come out to take advantage of the walking trails, relax at the community center, and visit the gardens.  Residents enjoy the restful, peaceful environment knowing that underlying all of the amazing energy efficient, eco-conscious infrastructure (permeably paved streets, geothermal heating and cooling, solar energy) is a deep respect for the surrounding natural environment and for ... Read more

Performance of green infrastructure

Last month Salem experienced what some have called a 100-year storm event, with more than 6.5" of rainfall in 48 hours. Combined with melting from recent snowfall, the storm caused all sorts of chaos in town -- street closures all over the place, evacuations, and flooding.The entrance to Pringle Creek Community during a storm, where conventional city street meets porous street.Here at Pringle Creek Community it was just another regular day. Despite all the rain, not one of our homes flooded during the storm, a storm that shut down most of Salem. There was no impact to homeowners or businesses ... Read more

Pringle Creek’s green streets mentioned as model in OEC’s spring newsletter

Oregon Environmental Council, the state’s oldest environmental organization, has an article in their most recent "One Oregon, One Environment" newsletter. The article, titled "Depaving Paradise," is on page seven and features the following photo and caption:Pringle Creek Community in Salem has one of the largest installations of pervious asphalt in the country. The green streets are narrower than conventional streets, using less materials to build and calming traffic. They have no curbs, which reduces construction costs and allows vegetated swales to capture, absorb and clean stormwater runoff.The article does a good job explaining water quality issues. Water quality and ... Read more

On the roads again

Pringle Creek’s porous asphalt roads are all over the media these days--and for good reason. Take a look at this dramatic photograph showing the Pringle Creek entrance, where the beautiful porous pavement meets the flooded impervious city street.Click here to see more such photos (thanks, santiago). Clearly, "pervious" is better. No wonder these streets are getting so much media coverage. The latest is Porous Streets Work--Even in Rainy Oregon on the worldchanging website. Columnist Erica Barnett expresses disappointment that supposedly "green" Seattle recently repaved a parking lot near Lake Washington with impervious asphalt:What reminded me of that incident was ... Read more

"Green" asphalt

Pringle Creek and its amazing porous asphalt are the cover story of the Aphalt Pavement Association of Oregon’s magazine. Online the issue is a large (3MB) pdf: Forget Yellow Brick Roads, Think Green Asphalt Streets! Good title.Pringle Creek developers are not among the skeptics. The community is the first of significant size to use 100% permeable pavement in its streets. And with 9,000 linear feet of streets and alleyways, it is believed to be the largest residential application of porous asphalt in the country.“Sustainability is the real motivator for us,” said Don Myers, Pringle Creek project manager and ... Read more
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