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Croquet brings nostalgia to Pringle Creek Community

STATESMAN JOURNAL May 24, 2015 | Kaellen Hessel Stepping out onto the village green at Pringle Creek Community on Sunday afternoon was like taking a step back into yesteryear. There was a sense of relaxed enjoyment on the field as laughter tinkled through the air while people played croquet. They took turns trying to hit their balls through the course of metal wickets, which proved surprisingly challenging due to the length of the grass. They'd wack the ball with their mallets only to see it plop back down a few inches away. They laughed often and encouraged one another. "This takes me back to ... Read more

Pringle Creek’s latest LEED house ready for move in

STATESMAN JOURNAL March 25, 2015 | Laura Fosmire Pringle Creek's latest LEED-certified home is on the market and nearly move-in ready. The Statesman Journal previously reported on the house, the first new construction in the Pringle Creek community since 2012, while it was still under construction in January. Now, the skeleton construction has been fleshed out with bamboo floors, recycled carpet, nickel finishes and energy-efficient appliances. The builders are ready to welcome the public inside to tour the place and attract the attention of any potential buyers. "It's still on the market, but now it's like, OK, we're ready to sell," said Shan Stassens, ... Read more

Meet goats deployed at Pringle Creek for weed control

STATESMAN JOURNAL March 19, 2015 | Tracy Loew Weed-eating goats have arrived at Pringle Creek Community. About three dozen of the animals will live on the southeast Salem property this week, chowing down on Japanese knotweed and Himalayan blackberry. It's an environmentally safe way to clear invasive weeds along Pringle Creek, which runs through the community. It's also likely the first time goat clearing has been used since the Salem City Council approved it in December. On Monday, Rachel McCollum, of Yoder Goat Rentals, set up solar-powered electric fences to contain the goats. Tuesday afternoon, the goats were settling into their new, temporary home. Later this ... Read more

Salem goats to gobble up invasive weeds

STATESMAN JOURNAL March 13, 2015 Grazing goats are coming to Salem. Pringle Creek Community is among the first organizations to take advantage of the city's new ordinance allowing goats to be used for weed control. On Tuesday, Yoder Goat Rentals will bring a small herd to the Southeast Salem property to chow down on invasive weeds along the community's stretch of Pringle Creek. "Pringle Creek Community was one of the businesses that worked to change the ordinance and is happy to serve as a showcase for the implementation of this new policy" said Kerry Fox, event and outreach coordinator for the community. The community is ... Read more

Urban gardening classes coming to Pringle Creek Community

STATESMAN JOURNAL February 14, 2016 | Anna Reed Colleen Owen, an urban gardener, walks through one of the glass greenhouses at the Pringle Creek Community in Salem on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. Urban gardening classes are beginning Feb. 14 at the greenhouses. Read more
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