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Goodall students at Pringle Creek for annual stream health analysis

Update: On Dec. 24 the Statesman Journal ran an article on this, "Students helping study water quality."Students from Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School and Karen Hans from Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife came out for their annual fish and macro-invertebrate count. These students are comparing stream health & fish population in various waterways throughout the City of Salem. The big catch of the day was a very large cutthroat trout!Students set up nets upstream and downstream, then wade through the creek catching fish.Then they identified and documented each species before setting them free.They also went through to catch ... Read more

The house-designers of the future

You might recall a previous item in which Santiago told us about West Linn fifth graders that visited Pringle Creek. They were working on a project to design "the house of the future." The kids' efforts have gotten some coverage in the Wilsonville Spokesman. The article, "Building spaces," talks about advantages of the project-based learning method--and the visit to Pringle Creek:. . . Over 100 students in all are currently engaged in the research, mathematics and problem-solving skills required to design and construct a house with a footprint no bigger than 2,000 square feet.The students are not designing and ... Read more

Earth Day ’08 at Pringle Creek

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Tokyo International University visits Pringle Creek

Last week, a group of students from Tokyo International University (which has a satellite campus at Willamette U) came by to learn about Pringle Creek. They had a great time touring around and were very engaged. The streets in particular amazed them; they videotaped a bucket of water being poured onto the street and vanishing into the porous asphalt (they all cheered and clapped loudly). They also were amazed by the massive wood beams we have in storage. These beams were milled onsite from winter blow-downs and hazard trees that will have a second life in new construction (instead ... Read more

Presenting Pringle Creek–in Hong Kong

This group of high school students, from 21st Century Schoolhouse, have been learning about Pringle Creek and sustainability--with the help of Sustainable Living Center's James Santana. The students are heading for Hong Kong on July 4 to give presentations about sustainability at the 21st annual conference put on by Caretakers of the Environment International. The Sustainable Living Center is providing some sponsorship funding for the trip; in exchange the kids have been restoring the greenhouses and working in the gardens.Caretakers of the Environment International is “a global network of secondary school teachers and students active in environmental education.” The ... Read more
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