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Our Little Free Library is finished!

Built by youth at the Oregon Youth Authority and painted and decorated by our local Daisies Troop, our Little Free Library is finished and installed by our mailboxes at Painters Hall!  The Pringle Creek neighbors planned it and Paco put it in place.  Thanks to all for such a great team effort! Books go in tomorrow! Read more

Pringle Creek Team: James Meyer

It’s an oldie but goodie, a December 2005 interview with Pringle Creek masterplanner James Meyer that was originally in the Journal of Daily Commerce. Now it is on the allbusiness dot com website. To read the entire article you’ll need to register.Pringle Creek comes up a few times. The interview focuses on James and his partners getting Opsis Architecture off the ground and thriving in the fast-paced Portland market.DJC: Is there an overarching philosophy behind the firm's work?James Meyer: I think it's fairly soft, or loose. It's not a philosophy so much as a foundation of values. The environmental ... Read more

Patrick Condon’s new book

Patrick Condon is a member of the Pringle Creek planning team. His most recent book, "Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities" is on this year's Planetizen Top 10 best books in the planning field. Congratulations Patrick. Here is what Planetizen says about it:The design charrette has gained popularity and notoriety among many communities as a powerful tool for public participation in recent years, and this book provides a step-by-step manual to harness this power. Drawing on Condon’s years of experience shaping and honing the charrette process, this book is a straightforward guide that lays out the essential steps and best ... Read more

SEDCOR’s Enterprise Magazine

What used to be the Salem Economic Development Corporation is now the Strategic Economic Development Corporation, or SEDCOR. This creative organization provides a wonderful bi-monthly magazine, Enterprise, which documents what is happening in the mid-Willamette Valley business world. The current issue is dedicated to covering the move of local business and industry to sustainable practices. Click here to see page 16, on Pringle Creek--written by our masterplan coordinator, Tony Nielsen. Below are a couple paragraphs that name some of the other businesses involved.Pringle Creek Community, and the other local businesses that are working on the project, are connecting Salem ... Read more


Back in June we wrote about Pringle Creek’s landscaping folks, DeSantis Landscapes, and their sustainable landscape management services. Now we congratulate DeSantis for becoming the first commercial landscape contractor to be awarded certification as an EcoLogical (EcoBiz) Landscaper by the Pollution Prevention Outreach team in Oregon. The Pollution Prevention Outreach Team is a cooperative group of local area jurisdictional staff from: City of Gresham, City of Portland, Clackamas and Washington Counties, Metro, and the Oregon DEQ. This includes planners and experts in air pollution, hazardous materials, solid waste, etc. The Landscaper Services Program recognizes “landscape design, installation and maintenance ... Read more
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