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A Resident’s Perspective on Life at Pringle Creek Community

What is it really like to live at Pringle Creek Community (PCC)?  Does living in an energy efficient home make much difference?  Is the quality of life any better? I'd been wondering about this when, during  the monthly neighbor meeting, Anna, a relatively recent neighbor, volunteered some thoughts about her experiences living here so far.  I asked her afterward if she'd take some time to share more about her life at PCC so far.  She happily agreed. Anna decided that she needed to move to the south Salem area in order to be closer to family.  She also wanted to downsize in ... Read more

Goats Grazing in the City

The goats are coming, the goats are coming!  Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th, Yoder Goat rental is bringing about 30 goats to Pringle Creek Community to help control the invasive weeds along our stretch of Pringle Creek.  They'll stay with us until their job is finished - likely through Friday or Saturday this week, March 20th or 21st.  The Yoder's will put a few goats in a separate pen sometime during their stay, either Thursday or Friday, to allow children to get up close to the goats - to allow the kids to meet the kids! The Statesman Journal article ... Read more

Protecting streams and the aquifer

The porous asphalt of Pringle Creek Community contrasted with the city street.You’ve probably heard about the problem of water shortages in the American Southwest. Here is "Time, Water Running Out for America's Biggest Aquifer," an article about unsustainable use of the Ogallala aquifer in the Great Plains. It will affect the food supply, so there is plenty to worry about.Here in western Oregon we’re blessed with ample rainfall. Day after day, all winter long--blessed. But it’s still important to conserve water and reduce runoff, slow it down so that creeks are protected and the aquifer is replenished. Pringle Creek ... Read more

Creek Restoration

Thanks to Marion Soil & Water Conservation District’s commitment to natural resources, the middle and lower sections of Pringle Creek in our neighborhood were greatly enhanced this week. Workers whacked invasive weeds along the east bank of the creek, from the bridge downstream to the NW corner--about 1200ft of riparian area. They then planted over 1,000 native plants and applied 3” of mulch around the base of each plant, to act as a weed barrier and to conserve moisture. This will provide native ground cover and lots of shade for the creek.Over the years, many people have invested their ... Read more

Goodall students at Pringle Creek for annual stream health analysis

Update: On Dec. 24 the Statesman Journal ran an article on this, "Students helping study water quality."Students from Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School and Karen Hans from Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife came out for their annual fish and macro-invertebrate count. These students are comparing stream health & fish population in various waterways throughout the City of Salem. The big catch of the day was a very large cutthroat trout!Students set up nets upstream and downstream, then wade through the creek catching fish.Then they identified and documented each species before setting them free.They also went through to catch ... Read more
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