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There are unlimited outdoor opportunities in and around Salem, Oregon. We are very fortunate to have all kinds of places to explore, to hike, to boat and swim, to fish, ski, and just relax on one of our many beautiful ocean beaches.  The recreational opportunities in Oregon are limitless – and Salem is in the middle of it!

In the realm of hiking, one of my favorite spots is Minto-Brown Island Park, on the west side of town along the Willamette River, just 3.6 miles from Pringle Creek Community. Minto-Brown Park is 1200 acres of parkland that offers open meadows, riverside trails, sloughs, and wooded areas. It has a dog park and 19 miles of trails. It is a gorgeous local resource and a great place to go for a run, walk, bike ride, or a quiet place to bird watch. In 2016, it will be directly connected to downtown Salem with the completion of the Peter Courtney Minto Island Pedestrian Bridge, connecting Minto-Brown Island Park with Riverfront Park and Wallace Marine Park, equalling 1,337 connected acres of continuous parkland!

Minto3 Minto4 Minto2

There are a number of other beautiful places nearby that I like to hike.  Silver Falls State Park, called the Crown Jewell of the Oregon State Parks system, is just 20 miles out of Salem and well worth the trip. 14 falls grace the park along with numerous trails for limitless exploration.  The 10 Falls Canyon Trail is an astounding, absolutely beautiful hike taking you past water falls that range between 27 and 128 feet in hieght.  You even walk behind four of the falls!  The trail is very well maintained and equipped with benches in case you need to take a breather or want to take time to relax and really enjoy the beauty of the falls.  The trail is a 7.2 mile loop considered a moderate hike.  A perfect outing!

silver fallssilver falls2







40 miles out of Salem is Mary’s Peak; at 4,097 ft. it is the highest in Oregon’s Coast Range.  From its peak on a clear day, you can see the Pacific ocean to the west and many peaks of the Cascades to the east across the Willamette Valley.  It has been designated a Scenic Botanical Area due to its rich, unique scenery and plants.

Mary's Peak2 Mary's Peak







These two places, Silver Falls and Mary’s Peak, offer unequaled beauty and a unique Oregon experience.  They are very close to Salem which adds adventure and outdoor fun to a life at Pringle Creek Community.