Let’s build a place.

siteplanWe started Pringle Creek Community – a certified B Corporation ™ – differently than most developments. We asked ourselves one simple yet crucial question. What do people need to create an unparalleled living experience?

Our answer to this question was simple: Community, Nature and Innovation.

These three principles helped us build a beautiful place centered on healthy families, a place to exercise, work and play with others and a space to be peaceful and quiet. Most importantly a place to feel safe, connected and complete. Thus Pringle Creek Community was born.

Inspired by nature, community and packed with innovation, Pringle Creek Community offers an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Salem. High quality homes built to be healthy and safe, offer huge annual energy savings. It’s a serene escape with a meandering creek, walking and biking trails, orchards and year-round gardens. Community activities abound at Painters Hall, the greenest building in the Pacific Northwest. This beautiful world-class community cannot be found anywhere else. Welcome home!

PCC.street.lifePringle Creek Community is built on the northern tip of the original Fairview Training Center property, where for nearly 100 years, the State of Oregon ran a school for people with developmental delays. When the State closed the school, “A group of forward-thinking Salem residents, developers, planners, and businesspeople, [Sustainable Fairview Associates] saw an opportunity to collaborate on a new model for sustainable development at Fairview…. When logistical challenges slowed the ability to develop the whole site immediately … a separate company that includes some of the original members, purchased the 32 acres and began building Pringle Creek Community as the first concrete expression of their vision for the overall Fairview site.

The master plan envisioned a community with a diversity of housing types, land uses, and residents, structured in a way that respects and enhances the natural features of the site.” – Craig Beebe, 1000 Friends of Oregon