Stroll through the plaza and greet your neighbors on a warm summer evening. Pick out your fresh vegetables for the week from the glasshouse bounty. Painters Hall, a renovated historical building, is a focal point and acts as the community meeting space and event venue, a place to connect.

What people are saying about Pringle Creek?Tell us your thoughts!
What people are saying about Pringle Creek?
Not a day I’ve lived here has gone by without my being “sweetly distracted” by nature – be it large creatures like deer, a soaring hawk or a tiny wildflower I’d not noticed before. – Resident
When we moved, we felt so welcomed and accepted into the community. We finished our move but had to clean the apartment we’d left. We rolled in late, ready to collapse into bed but were rejuvenated by a pot of homemade soup and a fresh baked loaf of bread left on our doorstep. I love Pringle Creek people! – Resident
For four years we’ve watched a pair or redtails court, nest and raise their chicks. I feel such a sense of connectedness looking up into the crisp blue sky in the warmth of early spring and seeing the flash of the redtail’s underwing. Then I look under my feet and see I’m not in the middle of a forest but on my front walk, three miles from downtown. – Resident
I love to year-round garden in the glasshouse. It’s so satisfying to bring home fresh picked spinach, green onions, lettuce and peas for a dinner salad that you’ve grown yourself … in January! – Resident
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